CASAS Paper Test Implementation

Complete Training Based on Your Role

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FIRST STEPS (Implementation Training)

Agency Representative

  1. complete Module 1: CASAS Implementation Basics
  2. complete Module 3: Paper Test Implementation
  3. submit an Order for processing
  4. receive processed order
Next Steps (Technical Training)

Paper Test Proctor – CASAS Paper Test Proctor Certification
Teachers – Module 4: Test Results and Reports (recommended)

Professional Development Opportunities*

Paper Test Proctor


*NOTE: Be sure to consult the Assessment Policy for CASAS Implementation in your State for training guidelines, including the recertification timeline established by your state. CASAS recommends taking "refresher" training every two years.

Module 3 covers how to get started with paper-based testing, how to administer tests, and how to use paper testing to its full advantage.

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CASAS Paper Test Proctor Certification outlines proctor responsibilities and duties of a proctor for paper test administration. Certified paper test proctors are responsible for maintaining a controlled testing environment that will allow test-takers to perform to the very best of their abilities using paper tests.

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