The CASAS Technology Support Team is available at to provide technical assistance for successful training completion.

  • This e-mail address alerts several members of the team to ensure you receive a timely response.
  • Team members are also available 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (Pacific), M – F, at 1-800-255-1036, option 2.
Accurate Placement

Appraisals are short tests that provide a quick, general indicator of reading, math, or listening skills to determine program eligibility and placement level within a program.

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Expand Your Knowledge

Build on your initial CASAS Implementation Training to learn about additional tools and resources to help your students meet their learning goals.

Prerequisite: CASAS Implementation Training.

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Measure Progress

This training provides the foundational framework of the CASAS System. You will learn how to administer CASAS tests, interpret test results, and use curriculum support materials to enhance instruction and workforce readiness.

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Online Implementation Agreement

CASAS eTests Online together with TOPSpro Enterprise Online

This module outlines minimum requirements that an agency must comply with to use CASAS eTests Online. Adhering to these requirements is vital for assuring the validity of CASAS tests.

Prerequisite: CASAS Implementation Training if you are new to using CASAS.

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Test Security Policy and Agreement

CASAS publishes this test security policy to maintain the integrity of each of its assessments and to assist with the implementation of and adherence to the test security practices contained in this document. Administrators and testing personnel are responsible for following these practices and ensuring that agency staff are aware of and follow said practices.

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